Dead. Dead! Dead?
all i can say is: we're neither dead, nor active, nor inactive.. we're lazy and kind of forgot about all this.
I cannot give a good excuse why this mod takes so long, except: we are three, we are lazy. And especially I do have other issues aswell, like at work. Additionally I am also working on Sven Coop 4, which has top priority.
The plan i thought of yesterday while dozing off is this:
a) I finish my SC4 stuff as much as possible
b) Chuppy and I finally finish Trainz! v2
c) We continue this mod.
so far the plans, we will see what will happen to them. I am not going to give up easily on creating a mod, other people made something like this aswell. Just in less time.
Oh: and we are thinking of using Orange Box. Has more fancy stuff.
Puchi,Saturday 13 June 2009 - 12:51:30 Comments are turned off for this item

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