Dead. Dead! Dead?
all i can say is: we're neither dead, nor active, nor inactive.. we're lazy and kind of forgot about all this.
I cannot give a good excuse why this mod takes so long, except: we are three, we are lazy. And especially I do have other issues aswell, like at work. Additionally I am also working on Sven Coop 4, which has top priority.
The plan i thought of yesterday while dozing off is this:
a) I finish my SC4 stuff as much as possible
b) Chuppy and I finally finish Trainz! v2
c) We continue this mod.
so far the plans, we will see what will happen to them. I am not going to give up easily on creating a mod, other people made something like this aswell. Just in less time.
Oh: and we are thinking of using Orange Box. Has more fancy stuff.
Puchi,Saturday 13 June 2009 - 12:51:30 Comments are turned off for this item

i did it :D
without much complications, i updated the cms
nothing was lost, at least i think so.

when you find errors and stuff, tell me! thanks.
oh: notice our RSS feed now :)

edit: oh, and registering should work again...
edit 2: also you are able now to delete your account by yourself!
saldy its (until now) in the wrong section of the links, but i'm sure i will find a fix sooner or later.
Puchi,Tuesday 02 January 2007 - 11:07:44 Read/Post comments: 14

e107 update...
because i got bored, i cannot sleep and its necessary anway, i'm doing an update of the CMS now.
i will install e107 .7.7 and trying to use the old database.
in an earlier attempt it didnt worked out that well and i not only had to reset to this version, but also had to restore the database.
so wish me good luck :D

yes, this also means the registering will be fixed.
hopefully :p
Puchi,Tuesday 02 January 2007 - 05:51:54 Read/Post comments: 14

.... we're going upstairs again.
we found a new storyline (the old one was nice, but we sucked at recreating nova prospekt) and we developed some ideas and a few teammembers are working on it again.
RealLife issues also are going to dissolve soon, so we can fully work on it again in a few weeks i assume.
Puchi,Friday 08 December 2006 - 22:39:19 Read/Post comments: 16

No news are good news...
right now i am still busy with reallife.
i have a job and have to get up early in the morning thus i go to bed early in the evening.
dont feel much like mapping or something.
also i'm busy as betatester and mapper in another, famous mod but as soon as its out (could take a while thou) i go back to my own mod.

at least our programmer is working hard (or hardly working? ;) ).
so far, the news.....

edit: we have a new leveldesigner!
Puchi,Sunday 21 May 2006 - 13:07:00 Read/Post comments: 7

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